Michael Slezak
August 13, 2007 AT 08:02 PM EDT

This just in: America* is buzzing about ABC’s forthcoming sitcom Cavemen, based on a series of Geico commercials. While I find this information borderline unbelievable, a poll of 3,100 people ages 13-64 says otherwise; Cavemen ranked No. 1 among buzzed-about new series, followed by NBC’s Bionic Woman, CBS’ Kid Nation, and ABC’s Pushing Daisies.

Perhaps more importantly, though, the poll, conducted by TV Dailies, also asked folks which new shows they would definitely watch this fall. The top four (in order) were Bionic Woman, Cavemen, Fox’s Kitchen Nightmares, and ABC’s Grey’s Anatomy spinoff Private Practice, followed by a seven-way tie for fifth among CBS’ Cane, Kid Nation, and The Big Bang Theory; Fox’s Next Great American Band and K-Ville; The CW’s Reaper; and NBC’s Journeyman.

The bad news here is that apparently, America is not yet feeling the love for NBC’s delightful spy dramedy Chuck. I watched a screener of the pilot episode last week, and fell for it with the kind of enthusiasm and fervor that means it’s most likely marked for cancellation before Thanksgiving. (See: Smith, Threshold, Aliens in the Family.) Perhaps the following YouTube clip will begin to turn the tide? How can you not root for a show with a leading lady named Yvonne Strzechowski (who happens to be terrific)?

Also not on the buzz list: Fox’s The Return of Jezebel James. I have to say, the combination of Parker Posey and Lauren Ambrose in a sitcom from Amy Sherman-Palladino sure sounded promising. But after catching the preview below, I’m having serious doubts. I mean, when your trump card is a sneezing bulldog, it might be time for a rewrite.

Are you buzzing about the same series in the TV Dailies poll? Or are there other members of the freshman that are more likely to score a spot on your DVR schedule come September?

* Not including any person I’ve spoken to this summer.

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