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''Big Brother'' evictee Dustin: ''I never saw myself winning''

The Chicago shoe salesman and newest ''Big Brother'' evictee talks about ''choosing'' to keep Eric, STDs, why Dick is pure evil, and achieving his main goal: making it to the jury

Season 8

You know what we’re already missing (besides Dustin’s gray V-neck T-shirts)? The freedom to ask the Big Brother evictees whatever we want! Starting with Dustin Erikstrup, the 22-year-old shoe salesman from Chicago, who was sent packing Thursday night by a vote of 4 to 2, the ousted houseguests are now sequestered members of the jury that will decide the show’s winner. That means we can’t ask them about anything they did not witness for themselves in the house. Fighting the urge to tell Dustin that Jessica thought he had a secret alliance with Dick and Daniele — and that Eric, whom he blames for his demise, only gunned for him because America told him to — we managed to chat about his ex Joe, his upcoming trip to Barbados, and why Dick is pure evil.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: You weren’t exactly a Big Brother fan before entering the house. Why did you decide to come on the show as your ex Joe’s enemy?
DUSTIN: I had just graduated college. It was kinda looking like a hum-drum summer. I had only a few things planned. I was working part-time at a relatively dead-end job. Two days after I graduated, this kind of fell into my lap, and so I decided to run with it.

What was your strategy coming into the house?
My strategy was actually to kinda play dumb. I was going to use the fact that I hadn’t seen previous seasons to my advantage. People were trying to use me as putty in their hands, but I wasn’t going to let them.

When did it really become ”game on” for you?
I would say toward the end of Week 3, after Joe had left. I thought to myself, Okay, now I can really step up my game. It was after that that I became Head of Household and started directing people in the game as opposed to being a person who just let the game be played for them.

Did you ever think that Joe would bring up the gonorrhea situation?
You know, again, I can’t say it enough: That’s his issue. I’m not the one who ended up with some sort of sexually transmitted disease. If he wanted to sell himself out on national television, that’s fine, because I had nothing to do with that.

Zach mentioned in his goodbye video that your arrogance was a liability for you. Did you know that’s how housemates perceived you?
Absolutely. I’d become overconfident in the way I was playing the game, and I sort of lost a level-headedness about it. That’s inevitably what led to my demise. I had done quite a few bold moves in the game. I took those prizes during the POV. I sent Nick home when he’s America’s favorite person in the house. I chose to keep Eric and go against Dick and Daniele’s wishes in Week Five. And I almost beat Dick in his own Power of Veto competition. Those are all very bold moves, and then inevitably the boldest move of all was to go up as a pawn, and it got me out of the house.

You volunteered to be the pawn, the week after the pawn you put up as HOH was sent home. I’m assuming that’s a regret.
Obviously, again, that was an overconfidence thing, suggesting to throw me up there as a big Ha Ha to Dick. Looking back, that’s definitely the one regret I have in this game.

What about the croquet match — I can’t believe Dick got the five points when he needed it.
I know. Rrrr. That one gets me every time I think about it. That one point.

Can you appreciate, on any level, what Dick pulled off last night by not going home?
On a strategic level, I have to say I’m more disappointed in other people for following through with it. I don’t want to give Dick any sort of respect because I don’t think that his tactics in the game were respectful at all. I feel that his fear tactics are what drove people to do what they did. The fact that he had a very strong two-person alliance with his daughter, people tried to jump on that bandwagon.

Dick calling you Princess — how did you deal with that?
Honestly, he was calling Carol a princess and Jessica a princess in Weeks One and Two for the way that they didn’t do anything around the house. And he just decided to attack my sexuality in a low blow, and you know, I didn’t really take it offensively. Him calling me a princess, I could have really cared less. Him attacking Jameka’s religious beliefs and Amber’s motherhood — those are the attacks that I took personally.

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