Scrubs |


9:30-10 PM · NBC · Returns Oct. 25

In the sitcom’s seventh, final season, creator Bill Lawrence promises some closure. ”This year isn’t gonna be Elliot [Sarah Chalke] and J.D. [Zach Braff] being together or not,” says Lawrence. ”It’s more about whether J.D. and Turk [Donald Faison] are a couple and whether J.D. will ever get a hug from Dr. Cox [John C. McGinley]. Unfortunately we’ve killed a lot of our favorite guest stars. But we’ll bring back Scott Foley, Tom Cavanagh. We’re trying to book John Cusack.” Lawrence admits: ”A lot of it is about having to make good on the promises I’ve made to the cast members. Neil Flynn, the janitor, wanted a name and a girlfriend, so I have to do that.”