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(Michael Courtney)

8-9 PM · THE CW · Returns Sept. 27

Supergeeks (count us in) want to know: How are the producers going to work Supergirl — ‘scuse us, Kara (Laura Vandervoort), Superman’s cousin in the comic books — into the series? ”She left Krypton when he was a baby and she was 19 years old,” says co-creator Al Gough. ”We’ll find out in the [seventh] season opener that she came at the same time that Clark [Tom Welling] did, but her ship was stuck in the Smallville dam.” (Which — you remember — broke in the season finale.) ”She’s still 19, in suspended animation, but Clark’s 21. Clark basically is trying to show her how to fit in on Earth.” Okay, family is one thing; any romance? Indeed: Welling says, ”Lana’s [Kristin Kreuk] coming back. She didn’t die in the season finale, and they start a relationship.” Please — no superbabies, or our heads may explode like Krypton.