Michael Slezak
August 22, 2007 AT 08:08 PM EDT

Need a break from d-i-v-a-s who spell out the words to their songs? Annie Lennox’s new video for “Dark Road” is streaming at Amazon.com, and it finds the former Eurythmics frontwoman in typically glorious voice. As lead singles go, this one is surprisingly understated — at least till Lennox unleashes the full force of her instrument on the soaring bridge. And while there’s no moment of “These are the years that we have spent/ And this is what they represent” intensity, there’s something refreshing about an artist who’s willing to step back into the spotlight armed with only her voice, a piano, and a lilting little melody. Indeed, “Dark Road” keeps getting better with each repeat spin.

The video, on the other hand, looks like a strange patchwork quilt from three separate directors. There’s Lennox, looking amazing in a black slip dress, perched at the edge of a fluffy white bed, the kind Gwen Stefani likes to lazily roll around in every fourth video. Then there’s cape-clad Lennox, hanging out at a bus stop and emoting in the back of a cab. Has she come to open the VMAs, and save us all from a live Britney Spears “vocal”? (Unlikely, but it’s a good idea, no?) Finally, we get split-screen shots of the American flag alongside black and white images of everyday people. Yes, patriotic folk, you too will enjoy your copy of Songs of Mass Destruction (due October 2)! Let me hear you say, “This clip is disjointed, d-i-s-joy-n-tee-d!”

Anyhow, click here to check out the “Dark Road” video at Amazon, or if you want just the audio, you’ll find it embedded…after the jump. Either way, be sure to leave your own snap judgment in the comments section below.

addCredit(“Annie Lennox: Todd Williamson/FilmMagic.com”)

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