Shirley Halperin
August 28, 2007 AT 07:11 PM EDT

Nearly a million Brits trekked out to festivals this past week, as some of the world’s biggest bands landed on legendary multi-artist shows like Reading, Leeds and the decade-old traveling tour, V Festival. But in between sets by crowd favorites like Foo Fighters, Nine Inch Nails, Arcade Fire, Smashing Pumpkins, Fall Out Boy, Kanye West and Razorlight, the big buzz backstage centered around a band that was nowhere to be found on the bill, and hasn’t played together in almost 20 years: legendary British noise-rockers My Bloody Valentine (pictured, circa 1991).

Of course, rumors of an impending reunion have been circulating forever, as fans look to frontman Kevin Shields’ every move for signs of a comeback. Since 1997, Shields has been a touring member of Primal Scream, but it was when he curated the soundtrack to Sofia Coppola’s 2003 film Lost in Translation that comeback talk hit a fever pitch. And so it has again with the recent launch of a My Bloody Valentine MySpace page and numerous blog posts hinting at a possible performance at Coachella. Well, being diehard MBV followers ourselves, we’ve also been snooping around and have learned, through sources who didn’t want to be named, that “it’s definitely happening.”

To that, I say, Hell, yeah — it’s about friggin’ time! Despite Creation Records founder Alan McGee’s recent comments that MBV was his “joke band,” I think there’s no doubt that Loveless has, through the test of time, gained official status as a classic album. I’d even say it was life-changing. Would you agree, PopWatchers? Anyone else praising the rock Gods for the return of this seminal band?

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