Amy Ryan
August 29, 2007 AT 10:22 PM EDT

Some veteran movie actresses seem to be saying (to paraphrase Norma Desmond), “I am big. It’s the screen that got small.” There’s an interesting essay in yesterday’s Los Angeles Timesexamining why so many film actresses (Glenn Close; Holly Hunter, pictured; KyraSedgwick; Parker Posey; Lili Taylor, et al) are committing themselves to long-term TV series contracts.(Duh, better scripts, meatier roles, and sometimes more lucrativepay.) The article hints, however, at what may be a more interesting question: Is theseactresses’ absence from the big screen hurting the box office? (Doesn’t seem like it, during this $4 billion summer of threequels and male-driven action pics, but what about the rest of the year, when Hollywood moans that no one is going to the movies anymore?) How ’bout it, PopWatchers? Would you go to the movies more often if there were more big-screen opportunities for top actresses like these? Will studioswake up and start making movies with strong female roles again, or will they be content to abandon female-centered stories to television?

addCredit(“Holly Hunter: Reed Saxon/AP”)

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