Amy Ryan
August 30, 2007 AT 12:00 PM EDT

Few musicians have performed as many drivin’-solo-through-the-lonely-night songs as Bruce Springsteen. His latest, the single “Radio Nowhere” (available free this week at iTunes; if you miss it, the video will stream free at Amazon on Sept. 4) is a trifle next to such Springsteen lost-highway epics as “Somewhere in the Night,” “Stolen Car,” and “Drive All Night,” but it still packs a wallop, thanks to a furious, hard-rocking arrangement built around Bruce’s full-throated vocals and the welcome sound of the full E Street Band behind him for the first time since The Rising five years ago. Stones, shmones; Bruce and the E Streeters are my geezer rock band of choice these days, and this single certainly whets my appetite for the full CD, Magic, due Oct. 2. Yours too?

UPDATE: D’oh! The commenters are right; the earlier song is called “Something in the Night,” not “Somewhere.”

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