Karen Valby
August 31, 2007 AT 04:00 AM EDT

”I’ll be reading along, and — smack! there’s my name,” marvels Foster. ”It’s just totally weird.” Here are a few of her appearances:

Me Talk Pretty One Day
David Sedaris
Excerpt: ”Pascal, the shop owner, handed me a popular French gossip magazine featuring a story on Jodie Foster and her new baby. Pascal…is ‘aped over Jodie Foster’ and owns all her movies on videotape. His dream is to frost her tips while asking behind-the-scenes questions about Sommersby.”

The Corrections
Jonathan Franzen
Excerpt: ”Everything about Becky Hemerling sickened Denise — her C.I.A. education…her vocal adoration of Jodie Foster, the stupid fish-and-bicycle texts on her T-shirts.”

Magical Thinking
Augusten Burroughs
Excerpt: ”Malibu would, in the end, hate men because of me. She would gain weight, not shave her legs, cut all her hair off, and work in a bookstore named Womynfire…. I would be forced to literally tear the Chastity Bono and Jodie Foster posters down from her bedroom walls.”

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