La Radiolina

Genre: World; Lead Performer: Manu Chao

If you think ”world beat” is code for ”weird-sounding foreign music that has nothing to do with my life,” Manu Chao’s third solo CD, La Radiolina, just might turn your thinking around a full 180. Like the Clash circa Sandinista!, this France-bred artist is in top form here, catapulting easily from rock to reggae to rai and into genres as yet uncharted (check out the bizarro spaghetti-Western hoedown ”Besoin de la Lune”). And though he sings mostly in French or Spanish, Chao’s music is so sonically vivid, so gloriously evocative, translation seems almost superfluous.

Download This: Hear a clip of ''The Bleedin' Clown'' at

Originally posted August 31 2007 — 12:00 AM EDT

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