Annie Barrett
September 04, 2007 AT 12:00 PM EDT

What is Maggie Gyllenhaal selling here?

(A) colonial furniture, 50% off
(B) lingerie
(C) idea that going to the gynecologist is fun
(D) herself

It’s actually B, the least likely correct answer of the bunch. This is one of the shots from Mags’ new Agent Provocateur ad campaign. (You can see the other shots, including the one in a bathtub that looks disturbingly like Amanda Bynes… did I really type that? … here.) I’m not that into the death-colored lipstick, but I do appreciate the “This couldn’t be lamer” smirk said lipstick provides. What say ye, dungeon-dwelling goth-monster P-Dubs? Me, I’m off to go buy Maggie’s “sweater” so I can look even more like a pissed-off bat than I do already.

addCredit(“Maggie Gyllenhaal: Alice Hawkins”)

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