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''Big Brother'' alum Janelle on the current cast

Janelle, one of the most memorable ''Big Brother'' players ever, shares her thoughts on the current cast, including Eric (''moron''), Evil Dick (''charming''), and Amber (''small-minded''). Plus: her prediction to win

Since CBS won't allow us to talk to the evicted Big Brother houseguests until after the finale, we decided to check in with Janelle Pierzina, the 27-year-old Miami waitress turned budding entrepreneur who became the hostess with the mostest this week in the POV competition. Pierzina — busy doing BB appearances while making plans to open a doggy day care center in Minnesota — talked to EW.com about her favorite players, her pick to win the $500,000, and how she made Dick’s summer by (inexplicably) flirting with him.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Big Brother has really defined who you are. Do you mind that?
No! I think it’s fun. Hosting the competition was so much fun for me.

A lot of fans would love to see you host the show.
Oh God. That would be fun, but I don’t know if I would be as good as Julie Chen. She is a part of Big Brother.

Have you been watching the show this summer?
Oh yeah, I haven’t missed an episode. I’m really enjoying the drama this season, and I love the fact the alliances are already changing. If they stay together during the whole game it can get boring. I love that everyone is playing the game really hard this year.

Who are your favorite players?
My favorites are Daniele, Dick, and Zach. Daniele is playing the game the best, she’s good at strategy and at the competitions. I like Dick because he has a unique strategy to intimidate people. I think he’s great for the show and so funny. I’m rooting for Zach because everyone was so mean to him.

Who are your least favorite players?
Just Eric. He is gross. It’s not a showmance he’s having with Jessica, it’s a gross-mance. The nipple rings are absolutely disgusting and his eyebrows are always moving up and down! He’s just a nervous, twitching freak.

What did you think of Jen?
I didn’t like her at first but she grew on me. She was really positive in the house. She took a lot of crap from Dick and that’s when she won me over. I know how it feels to be picked on in the house. It sucks. I just felt bad for her when he poured tea on her and all the nasty stuff they still say about her. It’s not fair since she’s not in the house anymore.

I never remember people really picking on you.
The Nerd Herd didn’t have the balls to say it to my face but they did it behind my back.

Did you ever think Dick should be kicked out for his behavior toward Jen?
No, I don’t think he should have been kicked out. In other Big Brothers in other countries, the behavior has been much worse. The only rule is that you can’t physically hurt someone. He hasn’t broken any rules. I don’t think its acceptable. But he’s there to intimidate people. That’s strategy.

You made his day by flirting with him during Tuesday’s POV competition. Why did you do that?
I am a big fan of his and Dani’s. They were so excited to see someone other than each other. He was so charming, loves to flirt. I don’t mind flirting back. He’s actually very charismatic. I thought he was so sweet.

How does he look up close?
He looks a lot better. Eric looks even smaller in person. Daniele is just gorgeous. She has really nice skin.

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