Annie Barrett
September 11, 2007 AT 12:00 PM EDT

Uh, yeah. If only. I graduated years ago and I still have to put up with their BS! But Kanye West says he’s done with the network, alleging producers “exploited” both Britney and himself during Sunday night’s Video Music Awards show. The rapper (pictured, with 50 Cent) claims he never wanted to perform songs from a private suite and would have preferred to open the show with “Stronger” on the main stage. Well, duh. But then we wouldn’t have this great new reason to make fun of Britney. Priorities, please! Silly Kanye.

Here’s my favorite quote: “I feel like they tried to make it seem like I was so into everything that was going on in the show.” Funny, that’s exactly how I felt while I was watching that crapfest! All the items in my house were making me feel incredibly self-conscious. I was like “Hello, sofa, I have to watch it for work. I feel dirty, don’t worry.” My Reese’s poster also kept giving me weird looks that suggested I wasn’t appropriately dressed for the telecast. (I was wearing pants.) The entire process was uncomfortable.

So I understand Kanye’s sentiment. But really? He’ll never deal with MTV again? Methinks someone wants us to remember for the thousandth time that his new album goes on sale today…

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