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September 11, 2007 AT 04:00 AM EDT

Kid Rock is feeling a little testy these days. That was evident enough from the scene at Sunday night’s MTV Video Music Awards, where the Detroit rap-rocker landed at least one (and possibly two) good blows to Tommy Lee, of fellow-ex-husband-of-Pamela-Anderson fame. It was actually the Motley Crue drummer, not Kid Rock, who was escorted out of the auditorium, possibly because some witnesses said he started the confrontation. But, upon interviewing Rock after the show, Las Vegas police did cite him for misdemeanor battery.

We did our own interview with the Kid a few days prior to the VMA scuffle and noticed that he was a little bit on edge. Maybe Lee was really just a proxy figure for the smackdown Kid Rock would like to give the lawyers and possibly (gulp) journalists of the world. Kid Rock did eventually warm up to us, we’re happy to say, but there were a couple of tense moments. The entire interview, which went into depth about his Oct. 2 release, will appear on next week. In the meantime, here are a few excerpts.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Let’s start with the album title, Rock and Roll Jesus. So, how messianic are you feeling right now?
KID ROCK: I have no idea what that word means.

I guess I’m asking, are you meaning to say you’re the rock and roll Jesus? And is rock ailing and in need of your healing touch?
[Long, uncomfortable pause] I don’t think I’ve said it quite like that. If you want to write it like that because it sells more magazines…

Well, no, we just…
No, when the Virginia Tech shooting was going on, and people were getting killed, afterwards I heard that people were writing letters asking God where he was, and I think God, if he could speak, would look down and say ”What, you f—in’ kicked me out of school — you don’t want me there anymore. You want to change this whole country and take me out of the Pledge of Allegiance, and all your crazy f—in’ weirdo left-wing s—, just like your crazy Bible-thumping right-wing s—.” I think [the album title] is a way of putting Jesus’ name back out there. It’s not blasphemy, because I don’t need money. I’m already f—in’ rich. It’s just something that I think is the right thing to say right at this time. It’s much deeper than just saying ”I’m the king of f—in’ [music], here to save rock and roll.” But I’m sure being Kid Rock, that’s what people want to construe it as. But you know, five years from now they’ll think differently, like they have of everything I’ve done. So once again, it’s a big ”Hey, go prove yourself, motherf—er — who are you?” People looove to hate other people. Well, welcome to the real world.

Okay. Well, I didn’t want to misconstrue it.
There you go.

NEXT PAGE: ”I just watch all that s— going on and it’s just like, come on: ‘I’ll sell more than you the first day!’ It’s like [saying], ‘I’ll kick your ass after school!’ That’ll take you far in life.”

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Listening to this new album, it’s hard to imagine being a reasonably rowdy 20-year-old kid out there in middle America and not wanting to blast this record. So the question is, how big can an album that has that kind of mass appeal be right now? Nobody quite knows the answer.
KID ROCK: No. I think we’ll hear people loud and clear at the end of the day, though. I like how 50 Cent and Kanye West are like, ”I’m gonna sell more than you! I’m gonna sell more than you!” I’ll go on the record saying I’m gonna sell more than both of them put together, at the end of the day. But they’re rappers, and everyone goes, ”Whoa, rappers fighting! Wow!” I’m f—in’ bored with all that s—. I’m bored with all the halfway music and all the great controversy, but no one delivers a f—in’ album. I have an album. There’s no question. And whether someone writes that I do or don’t, at the end of the day, the people will say I do. Not because I rap in bow ties and people think it’s ”weird.” ”Look at the crazy black kid rapping with the f—ing funny golf pants on! That’s genius!” I just watch all that s— going on and it’s just like, come on: ”I’ll sell more than you the first day!” It’s like [saying], ”I’ll kick your ass after school!” That’ll take you far in life.

To give people a teaser of the album, I’ll ask you about three very different songs: ”Amen,” ”All Summer Long,” and ”Half Your Age.”
[Editor’s note: This last song, a honky-tonk ballad that closes the album, features the chorus line ”She’s twice as hot and half your age.” The lyrics have been widely construed to be unfavorably comparing his ex-wife, Pamela Anderson, to his new girlfriend, supermodel May Andersen.]
It’s funny. Every interview I do, I can tell you what the people are gonna say. They’re gonna talk about the record; about five questions down, they’re gonna ask something silly; about eight questions down, they’re gonna try to ask me about Pamela. It’s so f—in’ cookie cutter, it’s almost hilarious. Because everyone is supposed to be so creative and have these innovative magazines and want to be great writers and do things in their own way, yet they’re all the same — on down the line, every single one of ’em. And I know the editors tell ’em all to do it. [Breaking into an imitation of a journalist.] ”I didn’t come up with the questions, dude. I gotta ask you about it, though.” Do you really? Well, that’s fun. You sound like a disc jockey nowadays: ”I don’t play what I want, I’m told what to do.” It doesn’t sound like something you go to school for and be creative. Anyway, go ahead.

So, ”Half Your Age” is clearly a work of imagination and conjecture and fiction on your part. Ha ha. Now, we don’t have to talk about Pam, but…
I’ve never said that was about her. To anybody. For the record. [Chuckles] I don’t like lawsuits. You can thank every f—head attorney in the country for that — every ambulance-chasing f—ing attorney. Even my own attorney. I hate my own attorneys!

I know you don’t want to get specific about her, but would you be specific enough as to say it’s also a song in praise of your current girlfriend, May?
I don’t like getting specific with anything — thanks to all the attorneys in the country. I would like to get specific about how all the attorneys in the country can [perform a sex act on Kid Rock]! I’ll get specific about that.

Look for the rest of our Kid Rock interview next week.

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