Michael Slezak
September 12, 2007 AT 09:19 PM EDT

Last night, feeling uninspired by every single show on network and cable TV at 8 p.m., I suggested to my husband that we catch up on the backlog of Law & Order: SVU episodes clogging our DVR from last season (the show’s eighth). To which he looked up from his plate of pasta, grimaced, and complained, “But it’s gotten so unbelievably stupid!”

And I couldn’t argue with him. I used to love SVU, used to be head cheerleader for Marsika Hargitay’s Emmy campaign, used to sigh at Chris Meloni’s every utterance, but you know what? I’m over it!

The last episode I watched had Laura Leighton as a mom who was supplying her unpopular teenage daughter’s friends with alcohol, and then some girl died at the friends’ party, but Laura Leighton was also sleeping with the hot boy her daughter was tutoring, and then the hot boy and some other girl died in a DWI accident. And then the shocking twist was that the unpopular daughter was basically drunk all day every day and had an enlarged liver (!), and Leighton broke down in the courtroom and confessed to everything. Or something. I guess she felt really bad about the enlarged liver. But the bottom line is, the episode was not an isolated incident. SVU‘s writing team might as well be ripping their scripts not from the headlines, but from public restroom walls; that’s how illogical and mindless their plot lines have become.

Funny enough, this morning, I came across an article by the Boston Globe’s Matthew Gilbert (click here to read it), who just watched a screener of SVU‘s ninth season premiere (airing Sept. 25), and is now officially calling the show’s time and date of death. Which leaves me with this debate: Do I delete SVU from “series recording” status now, or should I watch the new episode in question before I pull the plug?

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