The most awesome Beatles covers |


The most awesome Beatles covers

Five tracks to put the ''Across the Universe'' soundtrack to shame

Forget the soundtrack to Across the Universe, with its Beatles classics intoned karaoke-style by the movie’s cast. Here, five cooler, more inventive renditions (all available on iTunes).

Esther Phillips, ”And I Love Him” (1965)
John Lennon called this heartbroken jazz-soul version of his band’s stately ballad ”one of the best” Beatles covers.

Nancy Sinatra, ”Run for Your Life” (1966)
Lennon’s malicious rant gets a lot slyer with a gender flip and Nancy’s shiniest boots stomping all over it.

Aretha Franklin, ”Eleanor Rigby” (1969)
The Queen of Soul grabs this straitlaced memorial by the hips and drags it to a funky Baptist revival.

Stevie Wonder, ”We Can Work It Out” (1971)
Armed with a clavinet, Little Stevie transforms the Beatles’ bittersweet plea into a whooping party jam.

Rosanne Cash, ”I Don’t Want to Spoil the Party” (1989)
The sweet ache of Cash’s performance elevated a 1964 Beatles filler track to a No. 1 country single.