Michael Slezak
September 24, 2007 AT 06:00 PM EDT

It’s been a month since we last played a game of “iPod Inspection,” and today, I thought it might be fun to just hit the old “Shuffle Songs” function, and see what my little silver friend has to say about me. So without further ado…

Susanna Hoffs (pictured),”Only Love”
OmaraPortuondo, “Siempre en Mi Córazon”
Anastacia,”I’m Outta Love
CrystalWaters, “The Boy From Ipanema”
Madonna, “Hollywood

Alrighty then!Apparently, my iPod is saying I’m gayer than a tangerine wearing a feather boashopping for ginger bodywash at Origins, but I think most of you already knewthat. So moving right along, what are the first five songs you get when you hit’shuffle,’ and what do these tracks reveal about who you are (if anything)?

addCredit(“Susanna Hoffs: Larry Busacca/Retna”)

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