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Most embarrassing talk show revelations ever?


Danson_lSo last night, I’m flipping channels and stumble across Ted Danson (pictured) on Conan. He’s talking about how he’s a vegan (who, okay, eats fish) and then proceeds to explain that because of his diet, he has serious issues with intestinal gas. Now, it’s hard to throw Conan O’Brien, but Danson, who acknowledged that his publicist, manager, and agent would probably be questioning his sanity, did it. If you missed the moment (which included the still-charming Danson outing his old Cheers co-star Woody Harrelson as a fellow flatulence-sufferer), you can catch the entire episode here.

My question: What are the most interesting/embarrassing celeb confessions you’ve heard on talk shows (late-night or daytime)?  Don’t keep that useless knowledge to yourself.