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''High School Musical'': a franchise update

''High School Musical'' director Kenny Ortega talks about producing an ice show based on the ''HSM'' movies, his favorite dance number from ''Dirty Dancing'' — and the very latest news about ''High School Musical 3''

Kenny Ortega

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A bona-fide pop-culture juggernaut, High School Musical and its summer sequel practically own the television and music charts — and the hearts of tweens everywhere. So what?s the next arena for the Disney Channel franchise to conquer? Why, the ice-skating rink, of course. And so it is that HSM director/choreographer Kenny Ortega has donned his producing hat to bring us High School Musical: The Ice Tour (go to the High School Music site for dates and locations). It?s not like he?s a stranger to frozen water: He (along with Sarah Karahawa) directed and choreographed both the opening and closing ceremonies of the 2002 Salt Lake Olympics. The 57-year-old hoofer talks with EW.com about the difficulties of bringing the blockbuster musical to the ice, some valuable advice given to him by dance legend Gene Kelly, and the next installment of High School Musical.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Is the ice tour based on the original High School Musical, or does it incorporate parts of the sequel?
Both, actually: They?re Act I and Act II. Obviously using pared-down scripts — a little more balletic in the storytelling and less requiring of all of the dialogue scenes.

Any basketball scenes?
Oh yeah, there are basketball and baseball scenes. We don?t literally play baseball. And we don?t full-on play basketball. But neither did we in the movie. We have ice-musical versions of the all the basketball from HSM1 and all the baseball from HSM2. It?s quite exciting to watch.

Do you think kids?ll expect to see Zac and Vanessa doing double axels?
I think they go with an expectation… The world [of HSM] has always been the greater attraction, and then the characters that live within it. In all of the fan mail that I?ve been receiving, you know, it?s Do you have Zac?s telephone number? How can I reach Ashley? But the question before that is always: Can I be in HSM3? It?s not only a wish fulfillment about high school, it?s also the wish fulfillment about singing and dancing, and living in a world where that is possible.

And that is there, full-on, in HSM the Ice Tour. Kids are having this interactive experience. Some of the characters are actually turning and looking up and talking to them, and singing to them — it?s a great thing to see. And it doesn?t matter that the youngest ones came expecting to see the cast from the movie on the ice, I?m telling you, they?re leaving having been fulfilled with the experience.

Do kids try to audition for you when they see you on the street?
I was on my vacation, in the swimming pool, and all of a sudden I turned around, and there were five little girls: ”Mr. Ortega, is there going to be a HSM3?” The kids want more. The next thing is, ”Can I be in it? Can I play Zac?s little brother. Or, can I play Ashley?s little sister?” When I was a kid, I was fascinated with the back of the television console in our living room, and I was always trying to figure out a way in. And I think there is that sort of desire to jump through the screen with HSM, just to be a part of that whole world.

So you can relate…
Yeah. I used to want to jump into Mickey [Rooney] and Judy Garland musicals. And I used to want to jump in and dance with Gene Kelly in Singing in the Rain — I wanted to be there with him.

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