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''The Hills'': Speidi's ''special dinner''

Things get rocky at Heidi and Spencer's ''special dinner''; plus Lauren and Brody actually look cute together, and Lo and Audrina share a drunken argument

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”The Hills”: Speidi’s ”special dinner”

Was it just me or was this episode of The Hills a little underwhelming? It felt like it was filled with a whole bunch of nothings interlaced between a whole bunch of nothings trying to be somethings. Case in point: the random makeouts (Lo and Frankie!) didn’t seem to go anywhere, the awkward tiff between the ladies in Vegas (two words: Justin Bobby) didn’t really get resolved, and the valuable lessons about corporate America (”It’s not business, it’s personal,” er, well, you know what I meant) didn’t really seem to fit in at all.

Okay, well, I take that last one back because venturing over to the Bolthouse offices meant getting some Elodie time in, and who isn’t loving her these days? ”Elodie is my hero!” a friend exclaimed in an e-mail I received right after the show, and I couldn’t agree more. Good for her for quitting a thankless job where MTV cameras are around all the time — and little blonde girls with little experience get promoted just because of said cameras! Although now that she quit, who’s going to put Heidi in her place when we need her to? And who’s going to be around to sneer and roll their eyes every time Miss Thang saunters in to work? Oh, Elodie, we’ll miss you.

Maybe something positive can come out of our hero’s exit. Perhaps Heidi will finally drop the super businesswoman act and go back to being the lazy beach girl we all know she really is. (You’d have to be living under a rock not to notice all of the bikini-clad pictures of Heidi that have been circling the Web ever since she unveiled her now-infamous implants. Apparently she thinks it’s her womanly duty to strike a Baywatch babe pose every time she’s near a body of water.) Besides, I’m still not convinced Heidi ever actually does any real work. Sure, boss man Brent stopped by to make sure they were all set for some sort of Emmy party, but what kind of boss waits till the day before a big event like that to get a status update? And shouldn’t Heidi have told him long before that that she planned on celebrating her anniversary the same night? And how is it that Heidi never caught wind of Elodie quitting in time to avoid any sort of PR disaster? I just don’t understand the lack of communication in that office! (I know, I know — it’s a reality show.)

During Speidi’s special dinner at ”their place,” Don Antonio’s, I thought Beavis/the Abominable Snowman/Someone Please Send Him A Razor was going to reach across the table and strangle Heidi when she told him she had to leave to go cover the aforementioned Emmy event. I sort of love that during his evil death stares she said to him defensively, ”You’re the one that wanted me to get this promotion, too.” But the icing on the anniversary cake was when she said, ”You know I love you,” and Spencer ever-so-bluntly retorted, ”No, you don’t.” And to think, after just one whole year together these two lovebirds believe that they’re soul mates. How adorable.

Speaking of adorable (or not), Justin Bobby’s back and more brooding than ever! He traveled to Vegas with Audrina, Lauren, Lo, and new friend Jill to celebrate Brody’s 24th birthday, yet I’m not sure I heard a peep out of him the entire time. Lauren thought he was being quiet because she and Lo were mean to him, but I still don’t think they were mean enough to warrant the silent treatment. (And do any of you honestly believe he’s mad because Lo calls him Justin Bobby? He’s the one that chooses to go by two names.) At least Lo tried to think of a way to make peace with the J Bob: ”Okay, first bet: the first person to make Justin Bobby smile wins. Okay? That’s the first bet of the weekend.”

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