Benjamin Svetkey
October 05, 2007 AT 04:00 AM EDT

Tolkien’s untold tales

Peter Jackson once talked of making two movies, The Hobbit plus another Rings prequel. Editor Michael Regina of searches Tolkien’s lesser-known works for material that could be magic.

‘Unfinished Tales’
Recounts the Third Age (an era that includes The Hobbit and LOTR). Both Ians (McKellen and Holm) could reprise their roles, plus a dash of Orlando Bloom’s immortal Legolas for a lil’ heartthrobbin’.

‘The Silmarillion’
The sprawling anthology, which details the history of Middle-earth, features epic battles and a love story between a mortal named Beren andthe immortal elf-maiden Lúthien.

‘The Children of Húrin’
In this most recent posthumous release, Túrin travels the lost world of Beleriand. Ray Winstone is perfect for Túrin’s father, Húrin, and Thomas Kretschmann could make a terrific Túrin.

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