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October 08, 2007 AT 06:00 PM EDT

From the desk of EW editor-at-large Ken Tucker:

It’s always fun to come across some cool T-shirts on the web, but how many of them are being offered with an entire Philosophy Of Life as well? Scurry over to Brute Vision and see what I mean. In addition to shirts with a nicely panicked slogan “I Am So Doomed” (pictured) and a well-muscled fellow rocking a tee emblazoned with handcuffs, visitors to the site are engulfed in a slogan — “Home of Defiant Visionaries” — that carries you into a “mission statement.” “We are bad boys and girls who abide by our own laws and no one else’s. We are not anarchists, but we seek to change the rules and restrictions placed on us by hideous authority figures,” the site proclaims. Its “vision for the future”?: one that’s “based on personal freedoms and aesthetic beauty and welcoming all our brothers and sisters from around the world to be at one with us.”

Sound kinda hippie-dippy? Not at all. The guy who runs the site says on his blog that he’s an art-appreciator who happens to be trained in Mixed Martial Arts and was “black-belted in Tae Kwan Doe” by the age of 19. He’s got a bunch of ideas going about T-shirts as “content providers.” The Brute Vision site is like entering a store that suddenly turns into an alternate universe… you get to decide if you want to go along for the ride, no purchase necessary.

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