Mike Bruno
October 08, 2007 AT 06:41 PM EDT

Inside the Actor’s Studio: Billy Crystal
Bravo, Oct.8

Okay, so he isn’t as prestigious as former guest ForestWhitaker, as hot as Michelle Pfieiffer, or as funny as Dave Chappelle, butBilly Crystal, who’s making his second appearance in the Studio, has certainlybeen in the game long enough to have some perspective and insight, if not a few good anecdotes to tell. Besides, no matter the guest,host James Lipton is always able to turn in a good, thoughtful interview. (NextMonday he holds an all-new session with Anthony Hopkins.)

9th Wonder, The Dream Merchant Vol. 2
Releases Oct. 9

North Carolina’s 9th Wonder, former producer forthe hip-hop group Little Brother and one of the founding members of NC’s JustusLeague collective, has the underground buzzing this week as he sets to drop his new compilation CD. Dream Merchant Vol. 2 shows 9th’s affinity forold soul and R&B records as well as his love for the RZA’s ability to chop an obscure sampleinto a gritty, melodic collage. Guest MCs like Skyzoo, Sean Price, and Saigonspit their (mostly) thinking-man’s rhymes, while 9th Wonder’ssmooth, funky pulse keeps the party steady humming like it’s 1979.

EerieHorror Film Fest, featuring the Misfits
Oct. 10-14

What better way to get into the Halloween spirit than with ablast of the Misfits’ vintage horror punk? The ‘Fits are kicking off the NorthAmerican leg of their 30th anniversary tour (sadly, still withoutDanzig.) on Oct. 11 at the Eerie Horror Film Fest in Erie, PA. As if Jerry Only and his infamous Devilockhairdo aren’t enough of a draw, the Eerie Fest will also feature dozens ofhorror movies and an appearance by none other than Jason Mewes (that’s Jay ofJay and Silent Bob fame). If you’re tempted to “go out and killtonight” because you can’t make it to PA this week, visit the Misfits’website to see if their extensive North American tour iscoming through your town between now and December.

Bhool Bhulaiyaa
Opens Oct. 12

DirectorPriyadarshan helmed this Hindi remake (pictured) of the criticallyacclaimed 1993 Malayalam-language film about a family reunitingin their ancestral palace, which they have good reason to believe ishaunted. Part drama, part humor, with several musical numbers composedby India’s hit-making music director Pritam, this should be everything(for better or for worse) Bollywood has to offer.

America’s Psychic Challenge
Lifetime; series premiere Oct. 12

Sixteen would-be fortune tellers put their clairvoyance tothe test in various challenges, like searching for a man hidden in a hospital,doing spot-readings of people they never met, and being asked to come up withspecific details from a crime scene, to see who is America’s No. 1 psychic — orat least the No. 1 psychic to participate in this series, anyway. Not a badidea, assuming the show appears to actually capture supernatural behavior.Maybe one of them should start out by predicting whether executive producer JonMurray (The Real World, The Simple Life) has another hit on his hands.

Any of this sound worthwhile, PopWatchers? What else is happening under the radar this week in pop culture?

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