Marc Bernardin
October 09, 2007 AT 09:59 PM EDT

Sing along with me, folks, to the tune of ”I’m Just a Bill.”

I’m just a geek. 

Yes, I’m only a geek. 

Come on over here and check the technique. 

Well, I was flipping the channels
and I noticed something

Two TV directors
Used to have a fling
As characters on Voyager. 

Just another day in the week, 

A peek into the life of a geek

See, Robert Duncan McNeill and Roxann Dawson were cast members on Star Trek: Voyager. They played smoochy-smoochy lovers. And, as so many Trek players have before them, they directed a few episodes of the series before it went off the air. Unlike many Trek players before them, each has parlayed that into a successful television directing career. McNeill has shot hours of Chuck, Las Vegas, and Samantha Who?, while Dawson has called the shots on episodes of Heroes, Lost, and Cold Case.

They’ve managed to breach the true final frontier: getting post-Trek work.

addCredit(“Credit: Everett Collection”)

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