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What are your sentimental song favorites?


Dabbler_lThe Audio Engineering Society Convention at New York City’s Javits Center this past Friday may seem like an odd spot to get overly sentimental, but that’s exactly what happened when I sat down to chat with Peter Gabriel. He was sitting comfortably inside a 240-square foot Summerwood Cheyenne recording shed — a warm and friendly studio that is reminiscent of one the singer has in his own backyard, and comes with his stamp of approval. The cozy space — which can be all yours for a small $250K drop in the bucket — full of cedar-y scent, seemed to coax us out of conversation about the shed and into the subject of sentimentality in his songs. (See him in the shed in the photo after the jump.)


I told Gabriel that “In Your Eyes”had a special place in my heart, what with all those goofy Lloyd Dobler moments(pictured, above) from my high school years, and wondered which of his songs he found themost sentimental. “‘Don’t Give Up’had a whole life of its own,” he said, his face as gentle and kind andwelcoming as his manner. “Quite a few people told me they were going tokill themselves but didn’t because of that song. Sometimes you get thisfeedback from a song that you didn’t realize when you were making it.”

So, Peter and I ask you, PopWatchers, what songs do you find most sentimental?