Jennifer Love Hewitt faces Stupid Questions |


Jennifer Love Hewitt faces Stupid Questions

We goad the ''Ghost Whisperer'' star to tell us about John Mayer, zits, and why she didn't ''Go Bang''

Jennifer Love Hewitt

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If Jennifer Love Hewitt looks like she just saw a ghost, please forgive her: It’s her job. But when she’s not communing with spirits as the star of the CBS Friday-night drama Ghost Whisperer — which has just kicked off its third season — she enjoys conjuring up answers to Stupid Questions. At least, we hope so.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: If a ghost whisperer faced off against a horse whisperer, would it be the most kick-ass showdown ever, or just the quietest?
JENNIFER LOVE HEWITT: Just the quietest. I don’t know how to speak to horses, and the horse couldn’t speak to me, so it’d be a lot of standing around, tight shots of us looking scared.

Do you ever wish you didn’t have the ability to see dead people in real life, too?
It is a bit taxing. Elvis is constantly asking me questions. Make him a peanut-butter-and-banana sandwich. Play his record louder in my house. I’m like, ”Elvis, I don’t have time right now!”

I’d like to whisper stuff to a ghost. Any tips?
Wear tiny tops. They listen better with cleavage.

When people look up at your face, are your breasts like, ”Hey! Eyes down here, buddy!”
My boobs talk to people a lot: ”Mine are bigger than yours.” They say that when they’re in the mall and they see other ones. And, ”Do these make my butt look big?” By the way, I’m doing this interview in the makeup trailer, and someone just walked in and heard me say, ”My boobs talk a lot.” Everyone here is very concerned for my well-being.

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