Ari Karpel
October 12, 2007 AT 04:00 AM EDT

Lesson One: Sex-Doll Ed ”The one thing I’ve learned far too late in life from hanging out with this sex doll is that it’s so much cooler to not speak,” declares Mortimer, 35, of her time with inflatable Lars costar Bianca (who ”dates” Mortimer’s other costar, Ryan Gosling). ”I just wish I could be more like that, because I talk far too much and end up saying things I shouldn’t.”
Lesson Two: Advanced Scatology ”Do you know what a shart is?” During a lull in filming Pink Panther 2, Mortimer shared the definition of this particular sort of flatulence (we’ll let you Google it, if you’re so inclined) with Steve Martin, among others. ”I disgusted people,” she recalls, laughing. ”That’s what happens when you’ve been standing on the set too long.”
Lesson Three: Empathetic Econ When Used Guys, the big-budget comedy she was set to star in with Jim Carrey and Ben Stiller, fell apart last year, she felt awful…for her agents. ”My poor agents threw a party for me. That was the thing I felt worst about — they wasted all that money on sushi.”

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