Marc Bernardin
October 16, 2007 AT 02:00 PM EDT

Have you seen the poster for the new Alvin and the Chipmunks film (due Dec. 14), starring CG rodents and Jason Lee’s giant head? I’d just like you to take a minute and soak that image in for a bit. Then, give a little thought as to what the marketing idea-session probably sounded like:

BOSS: How do we make a 50-year-old franchise relevant to today’s kids?” Anyone?
[Ponderous silence]
AMBITIOUS UNDERLING: What if we made them, you know, B-Boys? B-Munks. Kids like hip-hop culture, right?
BOSS: Good idea, Ted. If Warner can make Ludacris into one of Santa’s elves, then we can make LL Cool J a chipmunk.

And the trailer is something else entirely. (Watch it after the jump, then come back and share your astonishment.)

Poop-eating aside (great lesson for the tots!), I can’t figure out A) who thought a Bobby McFerrin version of “Funkytown” was a good idea and B) what the hell Jason Lee is doing in this movie.

The thing of it is, this doesn’t piss me off because I’m a huge Chipmunk fan, and I feel like they’ve betrayed a fundamental cornerstone of the characters. It’s just that this co-opting of a black stereotype from 1987 is at the most, blatantly offensive, and at the least, just plain lazy.

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