Mandi Bierly
October 18, 2007 AT 10:54 PM EDT

Damn you, Barry Watson. First, you and your short hair make me publicly declare What About Brian “non-sucky.” Now, after seeing both of you in ABC’s Samantha Who?, I’m wondering if I need to watch 7th Heaven repeats. Should I?

Here’s the dilemma: I know that 7th Heaven was the WB’s No. 1 show for years. But I also know that in 2002, when I needed to watch a couple episodes to fact-check a review in EW, I had to press “pause” and emotionally regroup before subjecting myself to more bad acting from one of the Stults brothers. (That’s the only time in my 10-year career I’ve needed a time-out.) Also, I’m guessing that Barry’s hair was not at optimal length. And I’m afraid I could become attracted to Stephen Collins.

So, to recap: Should I give 7th Heaven another shot? Is there a particular episode you’d recommend? And if you, too, have a thing for Barry Watson, can you explain it?

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