Joy Piedmont
October 22, 2007 AT 12:00 PM EDT

Recently, I told you why I was sticking with Heroes,despite its sophomore slump (EW’s Gillian Flynn spanks the show with a C+ review in our latest issue). I haven’t changed my mind yet, but last week’sepisode left me feeling a little woeful. Raise your hand if (spoiler alert!) you saw the “Parkman’s dad is the nightmare-man” twist a mile away. Yet while I can deal with thislatest reveal being a little too easy and way too convenient, what’s with the worse-than-Sylarbaddie looking about as threatening as my high school drama teacher?

What I really want to see on Heroes this week are some loose ends getting tied up. It’s the fifth episode of the season already, and if you remember,it was this same time last year that Future Hiro appeared to Peter on the subway and declared, “Save thecheerleader, save the world.” In other words, I think the show’s writers really need to find a single earth-saving mission to pull these disparate characters together.

But that’s just me. Well, me, plus a gajillion other crabby Heroes fans. What do you think the show needs to return to must-see status? Which story arcs are working, and which need retooling? Is the Parkman storyline leading somewhere fantastic, oris it just a dead end? Have your say PopWatchers, then come back Tuesday morning to readMarc Bernardin’s TV Watch. And while you’re waiting, you can add to our Heroes wiki.

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