Marc Bernardin
October 23, 2007 AT 04:01 PM EDT

Okay, I’m getting this information secondhand — because I don’t actually watch Friday Night Lights (sue me…I’ve got a full-time job and toddlers; the only thing I want to do on Friday night is eat, drink, and slip into a restorative coma). But EW staffers Erin Richter and Ken Tucker both tell me that for the last couple of episodes NBC has inserted, about halfway through the hour, a “here’s what’s happened in this episode so far” mini-promo.

As if you’ve forgotten what you’ve been watching. I know having an attention span in this country is a little like having a unicorn that craps diamonds tied up in the yard, but come on. Or does NBC think, “Egads, this show might actually lull people to sleep, and if they wake up in the middle, they’ll want to know what they’ve missed.”

What do you think? Does this kind of spoon-feeding help your television viewing, or would you rather be treated like the kind of person who can sit on his/her arse and pay attention…at the same time?

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