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October 25, 2007 AT 08:41 PM EDT

From the desk of Alynda Wheat:

Oh, PopWatchers, we learn so much every week from KidNation! Like how easy it is to kill chickens, and how sometimes youshould pick a barbecue over a Bible. Last night was all about unity.Why did DK (pictured) get the $20K gold star/consolation prize for being stuckwith one too many brats? Because he can bring those brats together!He’s a preacherman, delivering love-the-sinner-hate-the-sin sermonsthat make Bonanza Citizens adore and respect him. Better yet, he’s liketheir dad. And when Daddy said he was thinking about leaving becausethe kids were so bad, the tears were contagious, jumping from person toperson like scabies in a Harvard dorm. Let’s just hope he doesn’t have cult-leader ambitions.

The irony is that Pageant Princess Taylor isbasically serving the same function. In fomenting so much righteousindignation she manages to bring the town together in hate ascompletely as DK does with love. No, f’real she’s a uniter, not adivider — and it ain’t easy, people. Sitting idle, standing firm in theface of near-total dissension, extolling your innate superiority to alland sundry with lines like, “Beauty queens don’t do [insert undesirabletask here].” You have no idea how difficult a hat trick that is to pulloff. We have to accept it: When Taylor refuses to haul trash or water,or do her assigned job, she’s fostering team spirit, even if it isagainst her.

What’s sad, though, is how much Kid Nation is stillonly about the few. We’re six weeks in, CBS! When do we get to know therest of the kids? Because inasmuch as we’ve grown to care about thecouncil members (past and present), Zach, Jared, Sophia, Greg, and afew others, there’s only so much we can say — at least not until we getthat oh so crucial parent/audience conference with Taylor’s folks.

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