Simon Vozick-Levinson
October 25, 2007 AT 03:30 PM EDT

Questions (in no particular order) raised by the news that CMT plans to air a Trick My Truck spinoff called Trick My Trucker:

  • Is this some sort of Punk’d thing where they, like, hide all the cargo from the truckers’ trucks and catch them getting mad on hidden camera? (Nah, it’s a competition show about “two out-of-shape truckdrivers who are confronted about their unhealthy lifestyle onthe road.”)
  • Who’s the “My” in Trick My Trucker? Do the truckers have significant others or trucking magnates or someone offering them up for the lifestyle upgrades? (Um, apparently not.)
  • Okay, so the words “Trick” and “My” in the phrase Trick My Trucker are essentially meaningless — that’s cool. But what’s with the truckers — are they a notably unhealthy demographic? And how exactly will a reward of “fuel moneyfor their rigs” help them stay in shape?
  • Why, why, why is the dude from Season 1 of The Bachelorette / Season 4 of The Bachelor hosting this show??
  • Is there any chance that MTV will take a hint and develop a Pimp My Rider show, where Xzibit gives personal stylistic and dieting tips to people who drive beat-up cars? Because I would totally watch that.

That’s all I got on this spinoff, folks. Anyone care to try truckin’ up some questions? Answers? Strongly worded opinions?

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