Abby West
October 31, 2007 AT 07:57 PM EDT

I love Halloween episodes, if only for the opportunity to see my favorite characters dressed up in wacky costumes. And last night’s episode of Bones did not disappoint. Not only were we treated to a nerdy version of Booth doing his best squint impersonation and Brennan looking pretty damn hot in her Wonder Woman outfit, but also the plot was a logical holiday tie-in. The spooky maze where the first mummified body was found, as well as the haunted house where the second one was discovered, didn’t feel like forced contrivances (unlike the unseen patron party which was the excuse for the Jeffersonian staff to put on costumes. More on that later.). Sure, we never really got to understand the particular pathology of the snarky EMT-serial killer but, hey, he was dressed as a clown when Booth killed him. What more can you ask for?

Speaking of clowns, Booth showed his truly manly side when he copped to having coulrophobia, an abnormal fear of clowns. His little shriek and jump in front of the scary clown in the haunted house was priceless and in no way emasculating (ahem). I loved that Brennan referenced his shooting-the-clown-on-the-ice-cream-truck incident from last season but wouldn’t this fear have been a pertinent disclosure during that whole arc?

Booth and Brennan exhibited little shifts in their personalities this week. Was anyone else surprised by Brennan’s acceptance of that minister’s argument against abortion? I know she wasn’t swayed by it, but for someone who is normally so intolerant of fundamentalists and religious zeal in general (usually when talking to Booth) she sure did seem pretty zen about the whole thing. And devout Christian Booth was the one to take issue with the minister’s “kind of horrific” Hell House pitch, feeling like they’re on the wrong side of the issue.

Brennan continued her leap-of-faith kick when she got Hodgins andZach to essentially guess as they were narrowing down the places tolook for the latest missing girl, Megan Shaw. That was after the greatSquints versus Norms Jeffersonian War of 2007, when Booth, Angela, andCamille were banished because the squints couldn’t work at fullcapacity with people like Booth and company “constantly interruptingthem with irrelevancies.”

Of course, it was hard to take any of them seriously in theircostumes: Camile trying to look authoritative in her sexy Catwomangetup; Angela as Las-Vegas-showgirl Cher; Hodgins in a ridiculouslyoversized naval officer’s uniform (??) that made him look like a toycop; Zach as the bottom half of a cow; nerdy Booth, complete with tapedspectacles, highwaters, and pocket protector; and a leggy, boobaliciousWonder Woman Brennan with her bracelets and lasso. It was kind ofdelicious to see Booth’s slack-jawed initial reaction to Brennan’soutfit. Yowzer.

Thankfully we had some progress in the Angela/Hodgins story with theappearance the quirky new private investigator, Amber Kipler, who foundAngela’s husband on a remote island in the Florida Keys pining away forhis lost bride. (She first proved her worth by revealing that Angelachanged her name on her 18th birthday because it came to her in a dream— a fact she learned from a girl named Roxy whose heart Angela broke insecond year art school. Obviously, that just titillated Hodgins.) Nomatter how appealingly Kipler painted the mystery husband (smells likea summer breeze, the most beautiful man she’d ever seen, etc.), Angelaremained adamant that Hodgins is her man. That’s just a lovely setupfor true love triangle, isn’t it?

So, is there a well-known actor you’d like to see cast as Angela’shusband? What was up with that killer smack Brennan gave the kid ininterrogation? Are you ready for the return to the Illuminati storylinenext week? What kind of name is Goremagan? What does it mean, people??

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