Joshua Rich
October 31, 2007 AT 12:00 PM EDT

While you continue to wash off all that blood and gunk from Saw IV‘s box office slaughter last weekend, PopWatchers, I’m here to tell you that the most recent round in’s Fall Box Office Challenge was a close one. No surprise really, because Saw IV was a sure winner, duh, and all the other movies lined up behind it as most players expected. In fact, a hefty 61 percent correctly picked the franchise fright flick to finish at No. 1, and four folks tied for first place in our competition: “cptgrenade,” “linksboy2001,” “permatiltx,” and, of course, the great “siowafc.” That’s him pictured, Mr. Siowafc (a.k.a. Chris B. from Miami), who reports that the key to his Saw IV prediction was… pure peer pressure: “I really despise most horror films and even I went to see this movie,” says the pride of the Sunshine State. “It’s notsomething you see because it is a quality movie experience (it’s not), butbecause it’s the Halloween social event of the year.” Yep, it’s what all the cool kids are into — just like’s Fall Box Office Challenge.

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