Ken Tucker
October 31, 2007 AT 09:52 PM EDT

The Sex Pistols turned up on The Tonight Show last night, just after Tom Cruise showed off his new early-Beatles hairdo and Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul had finished trying to explain his tax policy to Jay Leno. A passable version of the Pistols — a paunchy but growlingly energetic Johnny Rotten (pictured), guitarist Steve Cook, bassist Glen Matlock, and drummer Paul Cook — performed a nicely blaring version of “Anarchy in the U.K.” Rotten/John Lydon bent over and wiggled his backside in the direction of Leno and Ron Paul, and ad-libbed a mid-song remark: “When are we getting out of Iraq, Mr. Paul?” Jay, of course, didn’t react to this, just scampered over and shook hands with the band when they were done. Thus posing the question: Is it anarchy if no one reacts?

Still, nice to hear these geezers. Look for the Pistols to show up on Craig Ferguson’s show tonight, which could be more interesting, given that the Scottish Ferguson used to perform in the UK with a punk band called The Bastards From Hell, and recently told me he’s still friends with the Clash’s Mick Jones.

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