Annie Barrett
November 05, 2007 AT 08:03 PM EST

Aww, look at Angela and Jordan (Claire Danes and Jared Leto, pictured). Don’t you love the way he leans? The complete My So-Called Life is finally out, which means the DVD trifecta of my most cherished one-season wonders (MSCL, Freaks and Geeks, and The Comeback) is now complete.

While compiling my favorite musical moments from MSCL for Friday’s Take 5 video, I remembered signing a petition to save the show that had floated around my junior high for a few days. It was literally like 12 sheets of paper ripped out of some girl’s spiral notebook. Classy! And yet so appropriate to the series. It had “Mrs. Jordan Catalano” scrawlings in the margins, arrow-through-the heart doodles, three-dimensional cubes just for the hell of it… you know, the works. “We had a time” composing it, that’s for sure.

My friends and I were convinced that if everyone in our class signed the thing, ABC execs would immediately wise up and change their minds. Ha! We were so naive, we didn’t realize that mailing paper documents to networks is like sending Santa a wish list at 123 North Pole. Or that the only surefire way to save a show is by deluging the network with peanuts. (In MSCL‘s case, maybe flannels?) Anyway, I’m wondering: What’s the greatest length — naive or not — that you’ve gone to save a show you love?

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