I Could Never Be Your Woman: Nick Wall
EW Staff
November 06, 2007 AT 05:00 AM EST

Collectively, Michelle Pfeiffer and Amy Heckerling haven’t been on a film set in nearly a decade, but the Clueless director hasn’t really noticed. ”I’ve been in a bit of a time warp: There was the year of trying to get the kid into college, the year of the parents being sick, so it’s been a while, but it doesn’t seem that long to me.” In Woman (which Heckerling first wrote in 1997), Pfeiffer plays Rosie, a single mother who produces You Go Girl, a Saved by the Bell-type sitcom on the brink of being canceled. ”The gag is that she does this show where all the people playing high school students actually have second wives and a bunch of kids,” says Heckerling. ”Paul Rudd comes in and reads for a character on the show, and they fall in love.”

But don’t dismiss it as just an older woman-younger man comedy. ”It’s deceptively layered, as Amy’s work tends to be,” says Rudd. But there’s nothing subtle about the 40 Year-Old Virgin costar’s flamboyant dance scene in a club. ”I don’t know why, but all of these movies I’m doing lately involve an awkward dance,” says Rudd. ”I feel a little self-conscious, but in the end, I must say, I am a little bit of a whore for the dance.”

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