Jennifer Armstrong
November 09, 2007 AT 12:00 PM EST

(SPOILER ALERT) Wisteria Lane has gone dark: Production on Desperate Housewives has

come to a strike-induced halt at 10 episodes (which only makes

sense — creator/showrunner Marc Cherry is on the WGA’s negotiating

committee, after all). But in true Housewives fashion, the

girls will go out with a bang — or, more accurately, a storm. A

two-episode tornado will hit the suburban enclave and end in a

cliffhanger with plenty of Wisterian drama, says Dana Delany, who plays

icy new homeowners association prez Katherine Mayfair. Not only does

that final episode reveal the secret her husband (Nathan Fillion) has

been harboring, but “people die in it,” she hints. “I wouldn’t be

surprised if they save the last episode for later, so [viewers] come


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