No Reservations

Genre: Nonfiction, Cooking/Home, Memoir; Author: Anthony Bourdain; Publisher: Bloomsbury

While John Thorne seldom seems to leave home in his culinary memoir Mouth Wide Open, it’s unclear if Anthony Bourdain even has one. No Reservations, the scrapbook companion to Bourdain’s Travel Channel series, features bawdy essays and snapshots commemorating Bourdain’s global pursuit of exciting chow, from the ”sublime, sticky, cartilaginous sweetness” of Singaporean shark’s head to Icelandic testicle terrine. Short, manic, and invigorating, the volume brims with Bourdain’s infectious appreciation of food — and humanity — in all its lunatic variety. B+

Originally posted November 9 2007 — 12:00 AM EST

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