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Why can't Hollywood figure out what to do with Illeana Douglas?


Douglas_lShe was hilarious on Action, so memorable guest-starring on Six Feet Under, and now, Illeana Douglas is set to… host Celebrity Garage Sale on A&E? Seriously? With all the Cashmere Mafia/Lipstick Jungle/Dirty Sexy Money dramedies making their way to the air, not a single network exec thought to snag this versatile comedienne for a starring role? So go ahead and watch Douglas sift through Tom Arnold’s trash if you want, but I’m going to rewatch the Action pilot (below the jump) to relive the moment her prostitute character gets dragged by a limo from her fur coat and takes liberties with poor Keanu Reeves. Good times!

Originally posted November 12 2007 — 6:20 PM EST


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