Kate Ward
November 13, 2007 AT 09:12 PM EST

After several episodes dedicated to both small fibs and even bigger lies, the truth (somewhat) came out last night on Chuck. Thanks to a show that revolved around that pesky truth serum that has crippled many a superhero, we learned that Ellie and Awesome’s relationship isn’t completely awesome, Sarah really does have a thing for Chuck, and that being a spy really kind of sucks.

Case in point: Chuck’s love life. Our main guy developed a small crush last night on none other than The O.C.‘s Rachel Bilson — a.k.a. sandwich chef Lou — and couldn’t even seal the deal, thanks to his cover, a faux relationship with Weinerlicious’ Sarah. Not only that, but even if he wasn’t fake-dating Sarah, any potential love interest would need to undergo an intense screening process to scrutinize her intentions (turns out Chuck’s charming demeanor and boyish good looks aren’t enough to score a real paramour).

And as if that weren’t enough, turns out Chuck’s inability to share his new career path with his family is proving to be quite detrimental. After Ellie treated a man poisoned by nuclear code-enthusiast outside a sushi restaurant, the bad guy — played by Alias‘s Kevin Weisman — gave Chuck’s sister the same treatment while posing as a cop. The effects of the poison soon became obvious — with Ellie spewing honesty regarding Chuck’s hair and Devon’s affinity for the awesome — and landed the doctor in a hospital bed with only hours left to live. After some quick thinking, Chuck lured the bad guy to the hospital and was able to procure the antidote for the unconscious Ellie, but not after confessing his secret at her bedside. And though his sister was in a comatose state at the time, I can’t help but wonder if she heard what Chuck had said. It’s about time that at least one member of Chuck’s Bartkowski or Buy More family learns the truth. Let’s face it, wouldn’t Ellie be safer if she knew to look out for strange law officials with sketchy intentions?

I have to say, after weeks of watching their stern, by-the-bookdemeanors, it was nice to see some lightheartedness brought to Sarahand Casey’s characters after they inhaled the truth serum. To defendhimself against the CIA and NSA, the bad guy exposed Sarah, Casey, andChuck to the poison, and it wasn’t long until the trio began to showthe love. Seems the odd-couple professionals are actually starting toenjoy each other’s company, and officially consider themselvespartners, rival agencies and all. And Chuck certainly unloaded his fairshare of confessions, pointing out Sarah’s attractiveness and ramblingother musings (my favorite: “If I had a blog, this would be a reallybig day for me”).

But we all knew the truth serum couldn’t have worked thatwell on one particular CIA spy. As soon as Sarah told Chuck that therewas no chance that their fake relationship would ever blossom intoreality, it was obvious Sarah had managed to somehow overcome thepoison’s side effects. After all, I’d be hard pressed to think thatSarah hadn’t even considered hooking up with Chuck, what with her planto pretend seduce Chuck at the beginning of the episode. And sureenough, as we learned in the show’s final moments, Sarah had beentrained to withstand the poison, rendering her assertion (surprise,surprise), false. But why is Sarah attempting to reject her feelingsfor Chuck? Has she yet to recover from Bryce’s death? Or is it simplytoo dangerous to maintain a relationship while, you know, shooting badguys and cooking corndogs? Either way, Chuck was in no mood to sitaround and find out — our hero’s brush with death led him to cross anumber off his to-do list by dumping his fake girlfriend in order tomove on to the real deal. But something tells me that the love trianglewon’t last too long — I’d put my money on Lou being yet another hotgirl-turned-assassin/bad girl/cold-blooded killer. I mean, as we’velearned, it’s impossible for a girl to fall for Chuck and not have somesort of ulterior spy motive.

And, before we close, can I just have a Hallelujah for Harry Tang’sdeparture? I thought for sure we would be seeing the obnoxious newassistant manager flex his muscles in the job for far longer than wehad. Upon walking in on Casey, Sarah, and Chuck’s plasma meeting withGeneral Beckman, Casey convinced Tang that he was part of theoperation, and needed to permanently relocate to Oahu. My only questionis, can Morgan be next? Please?

What about you, PopWatchers? Are you glad Harry Tang is gone? Didyou enjoy seeing two stars for the price of one in last night’sepisode? Does Ellie know — or at least have some sort of suspicion —about Chuck’s pastime? Did it explain a lot that Jeff’s mother claimedthat “truth was powder”? And, finally, do you find it awkward that bothChuck and Ellie frequently walk in on each other being affectionatewith their significant others — and continue to stay to watch theintimate moments?

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