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''Project Runway'': Simone defends her dress

The first designer cut from season 4 tells us why she ''definitely should have stayed''

Project Runway

To paraphrase Tim Gunn, there always has to be a first loser. And on the season 4 premiere of Project Runway, that first loser was freelance designer Simone LeBlanc, the pillow-lipped beauty from California. Was that shades-of-yellow dress hideous enough to send her home? Simone definitely doesn’t think so.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: How was it watching yourself get kicked off first last night?
SIMONE LeBLANC: It was okay, to tell you the truth. I thought it would have been more difficult than it was. It was fun to see myself on camera. I thought my dress looked awesome, to tell you the truth. I had a big group of people with me, laughing and yelling at the screen.

Were they just being nice or did they really like your dress?
A lot of my friends have very strong opinions, so they would have been honest. People were totally appalled at what the turnout was from the situation. People thought my dress was beautiful. My friends were like, ”Oh my God. I would totally wear that.” I had a flurry of text messages from people saying they want to buy that dress.

Heidi seemed to be okay with the dress — or at least, with the colors.
She was one of the quiet ones during the judging. I felt like that dress would have looked really pretty on Heidi.

Michael Kors attacked your choice of fabrics. Do you regret putting those two fabrics together?
I actually went through a few different fabrics. I wanted a specific texture for the top and when I found that particular fabric I thought I found the perfect thing. The beautiful contrast of the old and new, I thought it worked great. It’s not a Michael Kors dress. That’s fine.

Ouch. Now that you’ve sized up Michael, did you size up any of the contestants while you were working?
I have to say I wasn’t really sizing other people up when I was working. I was pretty much doing my own thing. There was a lot of humor happening. Maybe that was my way to deal with the stress of the situation. I started to size people up after their dresses were finished. I thought, ”There’s definitely some competition here.”

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