Dalton Ross
November 16, 2007 AT 05:00 AM EST

It’s where Richie Aprile’s body was chopped to bits, where Meadow’s fiancé Finn, outed Vito to the rest of the crew, and where ”Fat Dom” met his brutal demise after one too many bad jokes. But the final victim of Sopranos Mob hangout Satriale’s was the fictional pork store itself: Last month the Kearny, N.J., building was razed to make way for — what else? — a new condo development. While most of its interior scenes were actually shot on a soundstage in Queens, the exterior of the meat market — with its infamous sign and hovering pig — became a local landmark and tourist attraction. However, don’t expect Satriale’s to simply cut to black: Fans can still buy actual ”Porkstones” from the building facade (in either ”Collectible” or ”Desktop” sizes), or simply visit the new condo unit, named…The Soprano.

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