Lynette Rice
November 19, 2007 AT 07:50 PM EST

Joey Buttafuoco was one of about 70 houseguest hopefuls who participated in an open casting call this weekend in Los Angeles for CBS’ Big Brother. While waiting in line before his audition, Buttafuoco chatted with BB8 winner Dick Donato (yep, he was there, too). “I support the writers strike because they’re entitled to get what they work for,” said the 52-year-old, who’s appeared in such films as Finding Forrester and Mafia Movie Madness. “I don’t believe in crossing the picket line or anything like that because this program isn’t going to be happening for quite some time. Am I right?”

Not really. It’s CBS’ hope to get BB9 up and running by February, if the strike persists through the holidays (things could be looking up, however: both sides agreed to return to the negotiating table on Nov. 26). Buttafuoco says he’d be “an asset” to BB, though he admits his celebrity could work against him in the house. “It has hurt in the past,” admits Buttafuoco. “Even just going on a regular audition! Sometimes I get them and sometimes I don’t, because my Q rating is too high. But I’m not that character that the media made me out to be. I’m not that guy.”

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