Amy Ryan
November 19, 2007 AT 04:47 PM EST

We think our gallery of rock’s all-time best frontmen and women, well, rawks, but if your favorite frontperson got shortchanged, we feel your pain. We had a hard enough time winnowing down the list to about 30, and we all had favorites who didn’t make the cut. (A couple of mine: Peter Gabriel, pictured, during his early-’70s tenure as the theatrically flamboyant singer for Genesis, and Thom Yorke, who never ceases to dazzle as the voice of Radiohead.) Here’s your chance to tell us where we went wrong, and who was undeservedly neglected. Remeber to stick to our rules: We’re looking for people who are primarily singers (and not also instrumentalists, which is why we left off folks like Kurt Cobain and Billy Corgan) and who are not essentially solo artists backed by a band that bears their name (tough luck, Alice Cooper and PJ Harvey). Speak out now! Don’t let your favorite singers remain unsung.

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