Vanessa Juarez
November 20, 2007 AT 12:00 PM EST

This afternoon in New York, Daily Show writer Rob Kutner was passing out flyers that asked recipients to contact media executives on hehalf of the striking scribes. The message: help us get a share of the new media revenue. Since the strike began, the Writer’s Guild has kept under wraps exactly how much of a share they’re seeking (for strategic reasons, presumably). That is, until now. This flyer notes: “[W]e’re barely asking for anything: 2.5 percent of whatever money the studios make off our work on the Internet or digitally – the delivery systems of the future.” Writers currently get 1.2 percent on pay-per-view TV and film downloads, and about 4 to 7 cents for permanent (as in iTunes) downloads per filim, and less for TV episodes.

On the back of the flyer is a list of media execs, their titles, and the main phone numbers to their company. The names include Anne Sweeney (president of Disney-ABC Television), Kevin Reilly (Fox president of entertainment), Bruce Rosenblum (president of Warner Bros. Television Group), Phillippe Dauman (Viacom CEO), Leslie Moonves (president and CEO of CBS), and Jeff Zucker (NBC Universal president & CEO).

If any of you – the fans – try contacting the execs and get a response, we’d love if you would post comments here and let us know what they had to say!

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