Leah Greenblatt
November 23, 2007 AT 05:00 AM EST

Introducing Flyleaf

Would it surprise you to know that a fairly unknown band — five friends from nowhere fancy, Texas, with a passion for both metal and the Bible — have quietly sold 800,000 copies of their self-titled ’05 debut? It might, but success hardly came quickly to Flyleaf. It took the group months of relentless touring, a grassroots fan base, and a pair of thunderous singles (”I’m So Sick” and ”All Around Me”) to get there. All this despite being dismissed as ”a poor man’s Evanescence” because of their Christian bent, female singer, and Goth-tinged hard-rock songs.

None of this rattles frontwoman Lacey Mosley, 26, who notes, ”Our sound may be similar, but Flyleaf are rougher around the edges — we don’t want to sound perfect.” And while Evanescence ultimately distanced themselves from religion, Flyleaf embrace it in cuts like the MTV staple ”All Around Me,” a love song about…Jesus. ”There are more fans who don’t know the spiritual side of our music than the ones who do,” says Mosley, ”and that’s fine.” After all, she did cut her teeth on the secular rock of Nirvana and Pantera — and considers Korn, with whom Flyleaf have toured extensively, to be mentors. Still, top credit goes to the Big Guy Upstairs. Says Mosley, ”I thank God every time I hear myself singing at a show.”

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