The pop-culture impact of ''Joshua Tree'' |


The pop-culture impact of ''Joshua Tree''

The pop-culture impact of ''Joshua Tree'' -- U2's classic album continues to influence everything from ''Friends'' to Tim McGraw

The pop-culture impact of ”Joshua Tree”


”Where the Streets Have No Name
Electro-popsters the Pet Shop Boys, Nashville duo Sugarland, and leftist rock supergroup Axis of Justice (with Serj Tankian) have all put their spin on this rousing anthem.
”I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For
Avant-garde collective Negativland were famously slapped with a suit in 1991 after releasing an EP containing unauthorized samples from U2’s plaintively melodic tune.
”With or Without You
Country superstar Tim McGraw and jam-band faves O.A.R. — not to mention popular Trinidadian soca singer Machel Montano — have each taken on this weeper.
”Bullet the Blue Sky
The worldwide metal community totally digs this political rocker: Brazil’s Sepultura, San Diego’s P.O.D., and Seattle’s Queensrÿche have crafted headbanging versions.


Friends and One Tree Hill
The exquisitely tortured hit ”With or Without You” was Ross ‘n’ Rachel’s de facto love song on Friends. As for One Tree Hill? The teen drama shares its name with a ‘Joshua’ tune.


Sensitive British Bands
The combo of soaring falsettos and arena-rock riffs pioneered on ‘TJT’ can be heard in the music of Coldplay, as well as countless other acts such as Keane and Radiohead.
Angels & Airwaves
Former blink-182 guitarist Tom DeLonge credited the CD with providing the blueprint for his new band’s epics: ”It’s just really obvious to even a half-educated listener,” he declared to a reporter last year.
Enrique Iglesias
”A lot of people thought [the ’80s were] disposable, but there was some great music being done then,” the Latin-pop-throb was quoted as saying in ‘04 about ‘TJT’?which clearly affected…okay, none of his work.
The Christian nü-metalers’ muscle-bound frontman, the one and only Scott Stapp, has claimed in interviews that he once spent an entire year listening to nothing but the U2 disc. Lord have mercy!


Anton Corbijn
The lensman’s rock cred was boosted after taking the ‘Joshua’cover pic. The future film director (Control) went on to shoot album art for the Killers, the Rolling Stones, and more.