Amy Ryan
November 26, 2007 AT 12:00 PM EST

This comes from the British press and a member of the Jackson family, so there may be more spin here than in a Hanukkah dreidl, but make of it what you will: Jermaine Jackson has reportedly told the BBC that he and Michael and the rest of the Jackson 5 are planning a reunion tour next year. Assuming that the sibs can actually get their act together and take it on the road — I mean, we’ve heard this before, haven’t we? — I’m excited by the prospect of a Jackson 5 tour for two reasons: First, it could actually be really great, seeing a bunch of born showmen do what they do best, in the only context that ever really worked for all of them. Second, it could be an utter trainwreck, for all the obvious and sordid reasons — and that could be even more entertaining.

Show of hands: Who among you would buy tickets to a J5 reunion show? And would you go because you’re hoping for “Victory” or for “Torture”?

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